Potter’s Pasties and Pies

Monday morning I was sent a link from my dancer friend to a story about the food truck scene which is exploding in Minneapolis and St Paul this summer.  I recently tracked down the Chef Shack on three separate occasions and ready for more  food truck adventures.  I had not heard of any of the three trucks mentioned.  Of them, one was in downtown Minneapolis (I work in downtown St Paul) and the other was only out for lunch on Wednesdays.  That left Potter’s Pasties and Pies, a truck that sells lunch out of Mears Park and Rice Park (within walking distance of my building) in St Paul.  I’d never heard of Potter’s, and I love pasties and pies, and I look for any excuse to leave the office for long lunch adventures.  The article said they park at either Mears Park or Rice Park, so I started online stalking to find out where they would be and starting forming a plan to bolt out of the office and go roaming for pasties.

Lunchtime kept approaching with no update on Potter’s location, just a tweet about lunch delivery.  The weather on Monday was as ridiculous as it has been all this week in the wonderfully crazy state of Minnesota with record high heat indexes which was my biggest deterrent to just jumping in the car and driving around downtown looking for pasties.  So lunch delivery presented very attractive alternative.  I was fixated on the prospect of pasties and wanted to make it happen.  When I mentioned that they would deliver (and the $25 minimum delivery order) to my officemate and she said she would gladly forego the salad she brough for lunch in favor of delivered pasties, the deal was sealed.  It took a bit of online stalking talent to find an outdated menu to order off of and a phone number to call, but a little before noon, I placed my order for one traditional minced beef pasty, one chicken pot pie pasty, one pork, onion and apple pasty, one ginger mint limeade, and a slice of Banoffee pie.  My coworker order a pork and a chicken. 

Half an hour later, a very sweet and sweaty man (who I’m pretty sure was owner/baker Alex Duncan himself) arrived with a delightful package of goodies.  He stayed and chatted a bit about his truck and where he preps out of and how it was just too hot to have the truck out.  It was really special to hear him talk about it and see how excited he was to share what he is doing with us.  And holy moly, am I glad he chose to share!

I started with a corner of the traditional beef pasty.  They must have been fresh out of the oven because I couldn’t believe how warm and crisp the pasty crust was.  Cutting into it, the crust had a wonderful flaky yet substantial texture, steam came rolling out of the filling pocket, and both the crust and filling smelled wonderful.  It was delicious and it too all I could not to scarf the entire thing down.  Both the crust and filling where exceptional.  The potatoes were so flavorful and everything was the perfect texture and consistency.  I tried a corner of the chicken pot pie next.  Equally as amazing crust, and the filling was quite good but not as exceptional and remarkable as the minced beef filling.  (It is hard to be impressed by any creamed chicken or chicken pot pie after Brasa Rotisserie‘s pulled chicken.)  The pork, onion, and apple pasty was last.  I think I would have like it more had I eaten it first.  The ingredients all played well together and the texture was good but the overall impact was not as strong as the minced beef or the chicken pot pie. 

The Banoffee pie had mostly melted in its journey to our office but the flavors were still good and I gobbled it all up anyway.  I can see its potential and will try it again when the heat index is so high.  The ginger mint limeade was very interesting.  I am a great lover of ginger and limeade so would have liked those two flavors to be stronger, and the mint was barely discernible but adequate for my taste.  Overall it was refreshing but not quite the right compliment for pasties.  Definitely needed some London weather and a cuppa as perfect accompaniments to delicious pasties!

 I ate about a third of each pie, brought a third of each to my father, and left a third of each at home for Mojo Monster.  My father voice approval which from him is a very high compliment and Mojo Monster also really enjoyed the pasties though neither got the full amazingness of the fresh baked crust.  It was about all I could do Tuesday when Potter’s tweeted they would be delivering again not to call them up and place another order.  I personally take issue with eating the same thing two days in a row, or two people ordering the same dish at restaurants (when there is so much good food out there to explore, why waste an opportunities), but these pasties were good enough to tempt me.  I will definitely be tracking the Potter’s Pasties and Pie truck down again soon and bringing everyone I know in tow.

One response to “Potter’s Pasties and Pies

  1. I love that place. My fav is the Thai Veg- it is a complete party in your mouth!! It does go perfectly with the limeade.

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