10,000 Licks

I love popsicles!  I love Betty Deville!  Better Deville’s birthday is this week and in honor of it, she decided to take the whole week off work.  To kick her birthday week off, we decided to track down 10,000 Licks and have some popsicles. 

Midtown Farmers Market

10,000 Licks makes ice pops with fresh local ingredients in combinations that sounded so tempting that I was committed to making my schedule work to fit these popsicles into the weekend, and 10,000 Licks is usually only out on Saturdays from 8 AM to 1 PM  at the Fulton Farmers Market.  I planned on heading to the track to ride my dirt bike at 9:30 AM Saturday, but Betty Deville and I don’t poo-poo on a concept as radical as popsicles for breakfast and agreed to meet at the market at 8 AM.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite process the message that 10,000 Licks would be at the Midtown Farmers Market instead of the Fulton Farmers Market this particular weekend and went to Fulton.  After a series of very confused text messages, I figured out I was in the wrong place and got my booty and Pretty Boy’s dirt bike totting truck over to Midtown. 

10,000 Licks

Betty Deville was waiting on the curb when I got there and was ready for pops.  We did a little poking around at the other non-sugar high inducing food items but decided to go for popsicles first.  Afterall, if we’re going to have popsicles for breakfast, we might as well do it right and launch right in.  10,000 Licks had 5 flavors and we tried them all: watermelon mint, strawberry lemongrass, cantaloupe ginger, raspberry yogurt, and strawberry rhubarb.  I picked watermelon mint and strawberry lemongrass first because I thought the herb flavors would be the most delicate and didn’t want anything to overpower them.  We each took a pop, did a lap around the market, switched pops half way through, and ended up back at the popsicle stand for the next round.  Next were cantaloupe ginger and raspberry yogurt and we repeated the drill.  Strawberry rhubarb was last. 


My assessment of the pops: delicious, refreshing, and unique.  I was initially surprised by the texture as I am used to frozen sweets along the lines of ice cream.  But after remembering they are called ice pops, the harder icy texture made sense and wasn’t as jarring.  The watermelon mint had the hardest iciest texture, and I could have used quite a bit more mint but I liked it.  The strawberry lemongrass had a softer texture and almost no lemongrass flavor but I liked it.  The cantaloupe ginger was my second favorite!  I love ginger and it was really strong in this pop.  It has a harder texture but wasn’t as icy as the watermelon pop and the cantaloupe and ginger worked really nicely together.  The raspberry yogurt pop had a prominent raspberry flavor and was in between the harder and softer textures.  The strawberry rhubarb was my favorite!  And we saved it for last which meant I was staring at Betty Deville until she ate close to half of it waiting impatiently for my turn especially hearing the noises of enjoyment she was making.  It was really soft and sweetened with enough honey for the honey flavor to come through.  The rhubarb was tart, the honey was sweet and the strawberries were soft.  A great combination! 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pop

The tentative plan was to eat some pops, eat some savories and then eat more pops, but we were so taken by the pops that we didn’t stop to think about savories until after we’d eaten all the pops.  After we ran out of flavors to try, we ambled down to Seven Sundays and tried samples of their homemade New Zealand style artisan Muesli.  The purveyors of this muesli, Hannah and Brady, were two very attractive people pushing a very attractive product.  They convinced us to sample 3 of their 4 flavors of muesli and a piece of their cookies made with the muesli.  We tried the Original New Zealand, Ginger-Pear-Macadamia, and Bircher Muesli each with a little yogurt and a piece of strawberry on top. 

Seven Sundays Muesli

I was most taken with the Bircher which was unsweetened, untoasted, and had very strong cardamom and cinnamon flavors.  I also like the Original New Zealand.  The Ginger-Pear-Macadamia had a little too much going on for my taste, but it was still excellent muesli.  Makes me wish I ate that kind of thing in the morning.  The cookie was very sweet and had the perfect crunchy yet chewy cookie texture.  Hannah told us it was made with almond butter.  I achieve that texture by adding lard to my cookies but after Seven Sundays’ cookie, I might have to experiment with almond butter. 

Muesli Cookie

Usually at this point in our breakfast adventures, we have had so much sugar that a bit order of something protein-y and savory is in order, but we ate popsicles instead of the usual baked goods and I wasn’t suffering from a sugar overdose.  So we debated between omelettes and pizza and tacos and burgers and tamales, and finally settled on a chicken mole tamale from Fireroast Mountain Cafe.  Now, I love tamales and Betty Deville is Mexican, so also loves the tamales and this particular tamale was excellent.  The masa had good texture and flavor, and Betty Deville gave it her approval.  We both had to comment on the fact that chicken is pretty plain, and we normally rank it at the very bottom of meats, but the chicken in the tamale was just right.  Not dry, not chewy, good flavor and sauce, and it injected the masa with good meat juice.  Excellent choice. 

Chicken Mole Tamale

We finished the morning with a zeppole from Rebecca’s Italian Bakery sold to use by a small brown man who was neither Rebecca nor Italian and was mostly interested in my camera and lens.  He was selling quite the selection of baked goods that only sort of looked tasty.  I almost went for the pie slices (they had a ricotta chocolate pie that I am very interested in but mostly skeptical about), but the zeppoles were too close to donuts to pass up. 

Rebecca's Italian Bakery

We were told the zeppole was made with potato flour and eggs.  Though it looked like a donut, the flavor was more like a croissant or flakey pastry.  The texture on the inside was close to a yeast donut but the outside was not like a normal fried donut “crust” though the zeppole was most definitely dark and fried.  It was interesting, different, and the perfect finisher to our breakfast. 


I almost convinced myself to get a wood fired pizza as we were leaving but I was half and hour behind schedule and needed to get on the road.  I was very happy about popsicles for breakfast.  The idea seems so simple: something about the concept of frozen sweetened fruit strikes me as unrefined, but 10,000 Licks popsicles were anything but unrefined.  And the appeal is in the simplicity.  The fruit isn’t messed up by over flavoring or processing.   Just simple fruit, simple flavors to make a simply delicious summer treat.


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