Pretty Pies’ Pop-Up Pie Shop

Saturday, April 28th – UPDATE – Due to the weather today, the pop-up pie shop and garage sale will be postponed until tomorrow.  We will be out Sunday (April 29th) from 9 am to 3 pm. 

I have some thoughts that I wanted to write about regarding my two trips to Masu Sushi and Robata in Northeast as well as Izakaya in general, but they will have to wait because I have an exciting announcement: Pretty Pies will be having its first Pop-Up Pie Shop!  So maybe I’m making it sound a lot more big time than it is, but I feel like this is progress on my pie selling business journey and putting a positive spin on all opportunities being a good marketing strategy, right? Something like that?

The Details: Pretty Pies’ Pop-Up Pie Shop will be selling Apple Pretty Pies at this multi-house alley garage sale.  The sale will run Friday 4/27/12 from 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday 4/28/12 from 8 am to 5 pm in Richfield, MN.  Fresh baked apple pies will be available both days.  The exact address, directions, and a list of some of the other standard garage sale fare can be found here.

Right, so that isn’t all that official.  But I’ve only done one other sale where I brought pies to sell rather than just taking orders, and that was at a friends house and the majority of my patrons were loving, supportive friends and family.  This is a multi-family, multi-house, community-known garage sale which could have a fair amount of traffic for a garage sale.  So, I’m calling it Pretty Pies’ first Pop-Up Pie Shop, an concept Bettie Beware has been pushing me to pursue.  That and a pie CSA, though in my case, it might be more of a CSB (community supported baking?).

How it happened: Pretty Boy’s aunt and grandma organize a large garage sale every year, which started as an opportunity to sell Pretty Boy’s late grandpa’s woodwork.  It has grown into a neighborhood event.  After trying to push lots of interesting, random things on many of Pretty Boy’s family members and explaining the massive purge underway at Dr. Sam’s house, I was invited to participate in the garage sale.  I jumped on the offer to (hopefully) get rid of a bunch of things at one time.  I’ve been selling a lot of my stuff on craigslist, but it is rather time consuming to post each item, contact potential buyers, set up viewings, and pickups.  After hearing about how the sale sort of got started to sell Pretty Boy’s grandpa’s woodwork, I decided to bring some crafts and pies!  That’s a lot more fun for me than going through and parting with all my old Fiction books (and I have quite an impressive sci-fi paperback collection I’m looking to unload, by the way).

So, here is am, one week away from the end of the semester and final exams, scrambling to go through as many corners of my many storage areas, looking for anything that someone might actually want and be willing to pay a few dollars for, and trying to bake as many pies as I can for the Pop-Up Pie Shop!  Hooray for ambition!  I’m really excited.  Its going to be a lot of fun and hopefully, it will be the first of many Pop-Up Pie Shops this summer!

2 responses to “Pretty Pies’ Pop-Up Pie Shop

  1. Good luck!! I love the name you’ve chosen. How you are managing to garage sale sift, bake and give final exams, I have no idea. You should let me know your secret…maybe then I’ll be able to make it further on my Infinite To-Do list, which, as always, remains in the background while I work away on more time sensitive matters.

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