Jewelry Holder


I really needed a real holder for my earrings.  Before I moved, I was using a handkerchief pinned to a hanger for all my earrings and most of my necklaces too.  While it was perfectly serviceable, it didn’t work with my new bathroom/closet set up.  I needed to get my jewelry unpacked before Pretty Boy’s sister’s wedding next weekend and needed someplace to unpack it.  So I built this jewelry holder!

I found this jewelry holder on Etsy and started from there.  I took paint stirrers, sawed notches 1 cm apart across the top, and drilled holes also 1 cm apart underneath the notches along the bottom.  After making four of those, I reamed the holes and sanded the faces and notches.

I built the frame out of cedar planks that I removed from a cedar lined closet and was holding on to in the garage.  I cut all the pieces to size and sanded the cuts.  I decided to bolt the paint stirrers to each other through the middle cedar planks and used washers as spacers.  I would have preferred to use single piece rubber spacers, but all I had were many different sizes of washers, which still work.  I drilled the holes for the bolts through the paint stirrers and the center cedar planks.  I first drilled a smaller hole then I actually needed for the bolts, and then went back through with a larger drill bit to get the hole the right size.  Unfortunately, the size jump was a little too big and I didn’t have any drill bits in between the two sizes.  I ended up splitting three out of the four paint stirrers and one of the cedar planks.  Oops!  But the splits were small and in locations that were not structurally important so I just ran with it and didn’t bother starting over.

I nailed the frame together and attached the paint stirrers and washer spacers to the center cedar plank.  And it turned out great!  I unpacked all my earrings, and they all fit beautifully (only one pair – the big feathers – is almost too big).  The hanging earrings with the hook style hangers are difficult to get out of the holes sometimes but otherwise, all the holes and notches are good sizes.







The only tools I used were a little hand saw like this, a drill and drill bits, sand paper, a vice, a small hand reamer, and a hammer.  Hardware included nails, four long bolts with nuts, and ton of washers.  The whole thing (including unpacking my earrings) took me a few hours.  And that’s it!

And yes, I do have the coolest earring collection ever!  Excited to wear them again!

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