Happy Pie Day

January 23rd is National Pie Day.  Not to be confused with Pi Day.  So I made pie.

blueberry rhubarb pie

I haven’t made pie since October, missed all the Thanksgiving pies because I was in Hong Kong, and haven’t had a real, good piece of pie in a while.  So it was time.  I officially finished my Master’s degree in October and have been taking some time off to recuperate and get my things in order before moving to Australia.  It has been nice to have a little time and energy to cook (and maybe even blog) again, though I haven’t been cooking anything too ambitious.  My Pie Day pie is reminiscent of summer, made with frozen rhubarb from the farmer’s market, frozen blueberries, and lots of lemon.


Pie Day always sneaks up on me because I’ve only known about it for the last three years.  This year it was especially sneaky because pie seems to be falling almost completely out of favor in the food world.  Last year in the Twin Cities, there was a prix fixe Pie Day dinner and a few other special pie-related celebrations and deals.  This year, I didn’t hear about anything.

Its been interesting to watch pie rise in popularity and then decline again.  A few years ago, pie was slated to be “the next cupcake,” the next big food fad.  And there have been more pies and pie places around, but nothing like the cupcake.  In my opinion, pie and then cake pops, macarons, and crazy hybrids (like the cronut) have all tried to dethrone the cupcake without success.  I think the desire for pie may be out there, but I haven’t found much really high quality, commercially available pie and I have a feeling really high quality pie is not particularly cost effective.

I always prefer making my own.  And I was overjoyed to see The New York Times run an entire section about pie that I snatched up from the faculty lounge as soon as I saw it last July.  It seemed more geared towards making pie, rather than buying it.  And I loved the whole thing, especially the science behind pie section!  How I wish I had that before I embarked on years of my own pie science learning and research.


So Happy Pie Day!  Wishing everyone clean plates and the perfect balance of tender and flaky!

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