Weather and Clothing

So, there are all these clothes that, to me, having always lived in Minnesota, served absolutely no purpose.  Clothing with 3/4 length sleeves, fingerless gloves, boat neck or deep vee neck sweaters, peep toe fall season shoes, anything that can be neither layered over nor under. In Minnesota, I never wore that stuff.  My wardrobe pretty much consists of clothing for two situations: way too hot or way too cold.  I have a lot of really warm layers and wool and fleece.  I also have skirts, tank tops, and super light-weight and airy pieces.  And this has suited me quite well in Minnesota, where we have really hot summers, really cold winters, and very little time in between.

I have now apparently arrived in the land where 3/4 length sleeves come from, where it feels somewhere between cool-ish to warm-ish most days out of the year except for very short hot or cold spells in the summer and winter respectively.  And I am struggling to dress appropriately for the weather.

So far, it’s felt cool in the mornings.  I get up and put on flannel pajama pants and fleece hoodie to make coffee and breakfast.  (There was one morning when I woke up before the sun was up and needed to put on two sweaters instead of one while walking around our unheated apartment and making my morning coffee.)  By the time the sun is fully up and its time for me to walk across campus, it is warming up, but still a little chilly.  Once I’m in my unheated office, its a little chilly until the sun’s warmed the office up.  And then by lunchtime, its definitely warm both outside and in my office.  Its warm until the sun goes down, and it cools off again.  And just when I think I’ve got a handle on that, cloud cover completely throws this off because it won’t warm up in the office if its cloudy all morning.

In theory, it sound really nice.  In practice, I am struggling to put together outfits that are suitable for all the conditions I encounter in one day.  Here are two outfits I wore last week.  When wearing both of them, there were times when I was almost too warm as well as times when I was chilly.



Things to note about both these outfits:  they contain clothing that would have been less-than-functional in Minnesota!  The first has minimally insulating, fall-season tights combined with boots.  The second features a sweater than can be neither layered over or under.

I found Minneapolis, in comparison, actually easier to dress for because the weather was just always so extreme.  When it is going to be ridiculously cold, I just wore the warmest clothes I had and hoped I’d stay warm enough.  When it was going to be ridiculously hot, I just wore my lightest clothes and hoped I’d stay cool enough.

I know eventually I will be grateful for the chance to wear all those mid-temperature clothes that were not functional enough to wear in Minnesota, but right now, my wardrobe doesn’t seems to contain enough of those mid-temperature items for me to easily get dressed in the morning.  Not that getting dressed in the morning was every really easy for me…  Guess my wardrobe will just have to continue evolving!  Good thing my school environment is pretty casual and Pretty Boy found a local Salvo that is easy enough to get to by bus.

Quick update: since I originally wrote this, it has gotten colder.  The temperatures get down to the 40’s at night, but still reach the 60’s or higher during the day.  While I was hoping this would un-complicate dressing, it really just means that the contrast between morning and afternoon, sunny and shady, windy and still is that much greater.  At least I’m prepared to handle the cold!

2 responses to “Weather and Clothing

  1. I know what you mean! I went through the same thing when I moved to the San Francisco area – never really warm enough for a tank top if you’re not active, but never cold enough for that winter coat. That was the year I bought a “fall jacket!”

  2. Hi–That sounds like a really difficult time to find the right clothes for the temp changes that occur. You look really cute in the photos you sent. Grandpa had his eye surgery on Tues. and did really well and will have the other eye done next Tues. He says he can already see so much better. It’s good to hear from you. Lots of love, Grandma

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