Where we ate: November 2016 edition

We just returned from a trip back to the States.  We spend two weeks in Minnesota sandwiched around a weekend in Iowa, then a week in San Francisco split between staying in the Union Square area, Nob Hill, and San Carlos down the peninsula.

In Minnesota, we went to some of our favorite places and some new places that have opened since we left.  In San Francisco, I was too tired to really hunt for good food, so we ate what was convenient and/or recommended by our friends, but it was all tasty in the end.

In Minnesota and Iowa:

In San Francisco:

I think that’s everything.  It was a crazy trip.  I’m exhausted and happy to be back in Canberra.  For not particularly focusing much on food, I’d say we had a pretty killer food trip.  AND to finish the trip off perfectly, my Asian vegetarian meals on our United flight from SFO to SYD were excellent (much better than the Asian vegetarian meals I got on our outbound flight from SYD to SFO, weird).

2 responses to “Where we ate: November 2016 edition

  1. Like I said we should make a TV show called Head Asian , family style dining for mixed herbivores and carnivores . Love the review and you yue!

  2. What a fabulous eating trip you had. We were so happy to have you here How did your conference go? Love and Christmas Greetings to you & Brandon. Grandma

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